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My Life
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16th-Feb-2006 09:19 am - nothingness
karate ass-kickin hamster
Today is just grand. i am tired and sick and not to mention you think people are your friends then they stab you in the same wounds and pour salt. Anyways, Valentine's Day sucked as always. I found out that Lari got a bear and a broken heart and I got basically the same thing last year only no bear. I feel her pain and I cannot believe michael would do that to her. What is that? She is beautiful and he don't see that? Anyways, I talked to Homefry yesterday and come to find out that she didn/t cheat on her fiance' so coolbeans. Well, got to go. Love peace chicken grease

6th-Feb-2006 12:17 pm - blah
karate ass-kickin hamster
Helloz therez everybody. Been awhile, N-wayz, "Leave me alone and my gay yahoo!"<-lari said that!
Just now in the library. Yep, I am bored and I think I will go live with my aunt in Ohio. maybe not. "No you can't" says Lari "cuz you can't leave your lari" she says and the awesome poptarts here cuz lari has four big boxes of little boxes of 8 poptartz insinde. raspberry! hmmmmmamamamamamamamama!
gay yahoo.
10th-Jan-2006 09:24 am - schooling it
karate ass-kickin hamster
Howdy there lj peoples, Today has been okay so far although I look like misses rogers b/c
I am wearing some kind of blue sweater thing. Anyways, I think I will be a teacher when I graduate college.

A2+B2= poptarts/chair= frozen penguins

Well I will go

googly bubs

6th-Jan-2006 09:30 am - 4Eva Eva Lari!!!
karate ass-kickin hamster
Yea, I am lari's poptart whore. hahahahahha I think I will install a tire swing in my tree. kewlz huh?
"""Get down with the sweetness""" Anyways, oh by the way, this sh*t is bananas B-A-N-A-N-A-S.
Band-Aids and Polka-0Dots but not Polka muzik. No sirey bob. Kan't beleeve Lari's mom called her phat. What Eva! I am beeger than Lari and you know what that does to my ego? bad stuf. I am tellin ya. Maybe I should go on a diet because my butt is so big its not funny. Well, it is funny. I am a gorillaraffe. Big arms, long neck. well peace,


I made a song called the Nut Song. It goes like this....

Eat my Nuts- laddy laddy duh duh duh duh dunt dunt dum
Eat my Nuts- laddy laddy duh duh duh duh dunt dunt dum

Bar-b -q nuts
ranch nuts
reduced fat nuts
choco nuts
5th-Jan-2006 09:31 am(no subject)
karate ass-kickin hamster
BONNIE! I knew a girl named Bonnie but she wasn't bonnie! you know what I mean? -nope
I live in Trees. Lari found out. my secret is out of the closet. Now I have paparazzi everywhere.
Pip deepthroats bosco stix. and now I will form a new t-shirt "Gay for Bosco Stix"

My T-shirt logos=

Filthy Peanut

Gay for Bosco Stix

I boned Barney the Dinosaur

I killed Tinky-Winky

I made a new porn video and Lari can't have it! hahahahahahahahahahaha!

Monkeys live in trees does it make me a monkey? Brass monkey that funky monkey.

P.S. Lari will never get her porn videos back I sold them on E-Bay for 14.99 a piece. I also pasted Chris's head on my body in those videos and Scarface's on Lari's.

P.S.S. Lari is my lover 4-eve eva "4eva eva?" 4eva eva

P.s.s.s. If you try to say <-that you will say "piss"

p.s.s.s.s. you just said piss longer
16th-Dec-2005 10:04 am(no subject)
karate ass-kickin hamster

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16th-Dec-2005 09:49 am - HOME VISIT
karate ass-kickin hamster
I get to go to visit my brothers this christmas and that'll be cool. I got my older brother a No Fear t-shirt that has old english letters on the front and a star (spray paint) on the back. I was gonna get him a green-day cd but I think he has all of them already b/c he loves greenday. Anyways, I didn't know what to get my lil bro except give him candy b/c he loves candy and I don't know what he likes now because I haven't been around him in nine months. I miss them and I miss my sister. Anyways, It'll be fun b/c my bro never gets embarASSed so we can do anything stupid.

I am lobe, Lari is lobe, Kayla is lobe, Amanda is lobe, love is lobe, April is lobe.

Larissa Sevey is lobe, Jazzy is lobe, K-jak is lobe.
14th-Dec-2005 11:40 am - Today Marks The Day of A New Arrival
karate ass-kickin hamster
My friend, rebecca is coming back today. She totally beat the shit out of some girl who jumped her and got sent to a detention center because of it. oh yeah, i think I have a crush on someone. I can't tell who, hahahahaha Anyways, It will be great because I level with rebecca only, she's a blood initiative and I am the opposite, if you know what I mean. Red to Blue, get it? Oh Well if you don't. Well, got to go for now. sees ya.

singing off Auddy Auddy Oxy-Free
12th-Dec-2005 11:19 am(no subject)
karate ass-kickin hamster
I'm a Christian Beauty Queen....I don't think so Lari! I am more of a ugly atheist retarded deformed girl! hahahaha I what shall I do today? the same thing we do everyday Pinky! Try to take over the world.
12th-Dec-2005 11:13 am - duh dum dum dum
karate ass-kickin hamster
Just got done with my exams. can't wait till christmas break, i'll hybernate. like a bear hahahahaha.... Anyways, I have nothing to say but,
My name is Yoda, Ima Soldja I'll mold ya anf fold ya, I thought I told ya....
lol *loves star wars. Anyways, this hampster is kicking my ass so got to go.

signing off
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